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Hello, my dear friends.

There is the possibility to make the world visible, to make the world near, to bring the whole world in your room: webcams.

I like webcams, well, not that plenty of erotic and disgusting "communication" simulators. Not, my favourite webcams are showing me the whole world, USA and Japan, Asia and Europe in all facets.

I want to share here and in my journal the interesting webcams, I found. Feel free to visit the whole world!

More informations about finding webcams with google:

Also share your found webcams at webcamera!

Important note
Please watch the traffic! There are 3 kind of pictures in this journal:
1. Screenshots (they need download traffic only 1 time)
2. Linked Webcam stand-images (also 1 time)
3. Linked webcam "Motion JPEG" .mjpg => they need the traffic all the time the journal is open.

For the best quality of the journal I don't need lj-cut, so you can open the journal at every moment and found the current image of the world behind the webcam (if the linked picture source isn't a screenshot).

Dear Webcam owner
All webcams presented here are freely accesible and can be found by google.
If you find here your webcam and don't want it to be published here, please write a comment to that webcam. After verification (that you are really the webcam owner) I'll remove this webcam from my collection.

Also if you don't want to have your webcam-image directly linked in this journal, please tell me. I'll make a screenshot instead your linked image.

And my advice: if you don't want to have public at your webcams, use passwords ;-)

Thank you.